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The Triumphant Group is a trusted property development company dedicated to enhancing the way people live in major Canadian cities. We combine intuitive smart home technology with breathtaking modern designs to help redefine your expectations of what it means to live in a growing metropolis.

Backed by the support of a fortune 500 company, as well as successful investment funds in Hong Kong, The United Kingdom, and New York City, you can feel confident that Triumphant Group will push beyond the limits of standard condo living.

Our innovation, sustainable initiatives, and skillful design choices are made possible through an experienced network of industry leaders in development, investment, architecture, sales, financing and other industry chain partners. This same network has led to recent success north of Toronto – with Triumphant Group being the only developer granted permission to design and build condos in Bradford.   

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Corporate Philosophy & Culture

As of 2016, 1.9 million Canadians were living in condominiums – just imagine what that number is today. With this trend proving it’s here to stay, Triumphant Group is focused on building for the future. We want our teams to have their eye on tomorrow, while applying the very best modern practices when designing today’s living spaces. Our goal is to elevate condo living beyond feeling like a necessity and into one of true pride for your new home.

Our corporate culture is one of encouragement, innovation, and positivity. We believe that when enough skilled, dedicated individuals come together, great things can happen. This proved to be true with the design of our 2-building, 10-acre offering. Not only does it support smart home technology but also promotes the importance of natural green space – which has a calming effect and helps residents feel at ease.   

Each of the principles and intentions above come together to form the foundation of our logo. At Triumphant Group, we believe a pair of hands holding a trophy best represents our vision of success and collaboration – as it takes more than just skill alone to rise above the rest. Together, we strive to create something accessible, beautiful, and intuitive that is designed to keep up with whatever the future may bring.

Green Spaces Make Smiling Faces

Feeling stressed is nothing new when you live near a big city. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so much going on around you. The best way to combat the hustle and bustle is to keep things simple. Slow things down by never losing touch with nature – even if it’s as simple as going for a walk or stepping out onto your balcony.

At Triumphant Group, we want to keep you connected with what really matters. We understand that technology can get in the way sometimes, which is why we’ve worked hard to design homes that focus on maintaining nearby green space.

Every unit not only has a private patio or balcony, but the entire building itself is designed to incorporate as many natural elements as possible to ensure better moods, improved sleep, and less stress for residents. Whether you commute a long way to get to work each morning or just had a busy day filled with errands, Triumphant Group homes make it easy to put bad days behind you.

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Designed For You

Live luxuriously with smart, modern, and spacious designs from Triumphant Group. We understand space might be a concern in any growing Canadian city, so we’ve taken the time to make each unit feel like more than what you’d expect from a condo. From bright open concept living rooms to private patios and balconies available to keep you connected with nature, our spaces are perfect the first home buyer, small family, senior looking to downsize, or even anyone who doesn’t want to shovel snow or tend a garden ever again.

Imagine stepping into a new home that you can comfortably see yourself in for years to come. A place big enough to grow with you as you get that new job, ask your partner to move in, or maybe start a family. A place that allows you to confidently sell your house after the kids move out and never feel like your downsizing. No matter what chapter of life you face, Triumphant Group has a home for you. Walk through and let every detail wash over you, as you prepare for the road ahead. This might be the easiest choice you ever make.

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